Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Reflective Moment and Some New Stuff

I never thought I would be able to say this about a semester of nursing school, but I'll dare to state it here. I am thoroughly enjoying this semester. I feel like I have my head on straight, that I'm actually accomplishing what I set out to, and that the future is bright! Perhaps I feel this way because it is my last semester. Perhaps I feel this way because I have learned many tough, weighty, but great life lessons these last few years and I am now effectively applying what I have learned. Whatever the case, I am grateful for these lessons, these experiences, this life of mine. I am very fortunate for all I have and I have stopped wishing the days away. Full life is right here, right now.

The creative process is vastly important for my sanity, for any artist's sanity. I have to create...I have to make things. I have sooo many ideas. But time is a hot commodity these days. I spend 3 days a week in clinical, 2 days a week in class, stuff in some work hours for a little money here and there, and still have to find time to study and complete assignments. So my creative time is limited, but I find that this is good! I really get down to it...I experiment, I pull out my supplies, and I just go with whatever comes to mind. Here's what surfaced this week:

I made my husband a bookmark for Valentine's Day. It is made from a very thin piece of paperclay, hand-painted with acrylics, and embellished with a few pieces of embroidery thread.

Valentine's Day inspired me to create a heart-shaped funky box with these letters and shapes that were hanging around my art bag. All pieces were sculpted from paperclay, painted with acrylics.

Finally, I have been thinking about small projects I can do that quench my creative thirst and fulfill a need. I am always looking for unique hair accessories, so I figured I would make my own. Hand-sculpted from paperclay, painted with acrylics, embellished with curled jewelry wire:

 That's it for this week! I hope to post new creations early next week...Monday is a holiday. I may just have to squirrel that day away for art!

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