Thursday, January 8, 2015

Upcycled Rag Doll

It feels really good to be creating again. I'm a craft-supply hoarder. It's the only area in my life that I have difficulties with anything "stuff" related. I love upcycling. But that could mean that anything and everything is saved. Plastic containers, beer bottles, old curtains, cardboard in all forms, egg crates, sticks, stones, chicken wish bones. You name it, I've likely found  a place to hide it away for a later project. So lately my challenge has been to resist the urge to hoard, visit Michael's or JoAnne's, and simply use what I have. This doll came together with only materials I've had on hand.

Her body, head, arms, and legs were cut from old curtains. Hair is made from alpaca and acrylic yarns. Shirt is an old sweater belt. Her belt and shoes are made from an old leather purse strap. Her facial features are a mix of felt, fabric, and thread "drawing." And her skirt is just a fabric remnant. She's completely hand-sewn. 

So crafters/makers/artists! I dare you...use what you have! I certainly surprised myself! Who knew I had all of these materials waiting to be used? Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Feel Like Creating Again!!!

It's been a looooong time since my last post. I am just so ecstatic to catch the creating bug again! My first project after this creative hiatus will be a continuation of where I left off - breathing new life into very old family photos. This one I sent to my mother for her Mother's Day/Birthday gift. This is my
Great Grandfather, Great Grandmother, Great Uncle, and Great Aunt - photo circa 1922. My Grampy wasn't born for another 10 years. So cool!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

New ATC's

Mixed Media Piece Honoring My Great Grandfather and Great Uncle Warren - Original Photo Circa 1922

Colored pencil and ink - Content Sun

Mixed Media Piece Inspired by Valentine's Day 2012

Monday, January 9, 2012

Inspiration and Renewal 2012

So I discovered this incredible yogi named Briohny Smyth. She is the featured yogi in a promotion for a fitness and lifestyle company called Equinox. Her arm balances are incredible, her body is gorgeous. And her face is placid, peaceful, with wisdom and knowledge behind kind eyes. I am always inspired by yoga and the practitioners who call the mat their place of enlightenment. This discovery was no different. I tend to pursue goals that are achievable but incredibly challenging. I wouldn’t have my yoga practice any other way. So today marked my first official yoga practice in 2012 after taking two solid weeks off. A break for the holidays which I truly enjoyed and didn’t feel guilty about. And now it is time to get back on the mat and pursue this dream I have of becoming a true yogi, one with a strong, secure body and mind to match. Let this be a contract to myself, a promise to myself really. I must practice yoga everyday...I know this practice illuminates my path in life. I know it grounds me. I know it is my zen happy place. The journey continues. It’s good to have a new pursuit, one that has to do with me. Not my career, not my relationships…just the relationship with myself. I am happy and excited. 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Snow Princess Beer Bottle Doll

Here is a finished beer bottle doll. I am most proud of her hair and embellishments...for her brooch and hair embellishments, I cut up and a plastic snowflake ornament and glued the pieces directly to her! She's available for sale on my Etsy site...Click the Etsy fairy on the right to visit my shop!!!

Dressing Your Beer Bottle Doll

This past Friday, I posted a tutorial on the Creative Paperclayâ blog site which gave instructions on how to make a doll with Creative Paperclayâ and a beer bottle. (Visit for this tutorial!!!)  This tutorial will teach how to clothe your new beer bottle doll with a little fabric and some glue. Sewing is can dress this doll with my glue and wrap technique.

What You Need:
Sculpted, Painted, and Ready to Be Dressed Creative Paperclayâ Beer Bottle Doll
Fabrics and Trims
White Craft Glue and Superglue
Ruler or tape measure
Needle and thread
Findings...beads, ribbons, embroidery thread, stones, broken jewelry...MORE IS MORE!!!

1.  Determine what kind of dress you would like your doll to have. I prefer to work with color palettes...I chose a Christmas color palette for this doll. Most of my dolls have bodices and skirts for gown-like aesthetics.

2.  I take two measurements to gauge the length and width of the fabric cut:  measure from the chest to the bottom of the beer bottle and the widest part of the circumference of the bottle. 

3.  Cut out a rectangular shape of fabric using these measurements. You can tape the end that will be glued too the chest/waist...or you can pleat the fabric as I do. 

4.  Fold the part that will become the top of the doll's skirt down. This will give a nice clean edge for your doll's skirt.

5.  Lie your doll down and apply white craft glue directly to the bottle. Press the fabric directly into the glue and smooth over the bottle. 

6.  Add more glue to the back of the beer bottle and continue to wrap the fabric around the bottle. Cut off excess fabric or continue to wrap and glue the fabric around the beer bottle. To make a pleat, take the corners of fabric that pop up, make a small triangle fold, and secure with dot of glue.

7.  Now that you have the skirt glued, feel free to take fabric scraps and continue to add them to the doll. I prefer to add bits of felt to the doll at this point. Once these felt pieces are glued and dried to the bottle, I hand sew layers of fabric directly to the dolls. Felt makes it much easier to sew because it gives the needle and thread something to hold on to.

8.  For the doll's top, it's easiest to give her a strapless top. If you are more experiences at designing doll clothes, feel free to give her sleeves! Use the same technique for the top that you did for the bottom...I always wrap the top so that it ends in a V-shape in the back.

9.  Continue to add layers until you are happy. Then use ribbon, beads, thread, string, whatever you have on hand to embellish your doll!

I haven't finished this doll yet...I will post pictures of her when she's fully embellished and ready for her favorite holiday! Thanks for reading!!!