Monday, January 9, 2012

Inspiration and Renewal 2012

So I discovered this incredible yogi named Briohny Smyth. She is the featured yogi in a promotion for a fitness and lifestyle company called Equinox. Her arm balances are incredible, her body is gorgeous. And her face is placid, peaceful, with wisdom and knowledge behind kind eyes. I am always inspired by yoga and the practitioners who call the mat their place of enlightenment. This discovery was no different. I tend to pursue goals that are achievable but incredibly challenging. I wouldn’t have my yoga practice any other way. So today marked my first official yoga practice in 2012 after taking two solid weeks off. A break for the holidays which I truly enjoyed and didn’t feel guilty about. And now it is time to get back on the mat and pursue this dream I have of becoming a true yogi, one with a strong, secure body and mind to match. Let this be a contract to myself, a promise to myself really. I must practice yoga everyday...I know this practice illuminates my path in life. I know it grounds me. I know it is my zen happy place. The journey continues. It’s good to have a new pursuit, one that has to do with me. Not my career, not my relationships…just the relationship with myself. I am happy and excited. 

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