Thursday, January 8, 2015

Upcycled Rag Doll

It feels really good to be creating again. I'm a craft-supply hoarder. It's the only area in my life that I have difficulties with anything "stuff" related. I love upcycling. But that could mean that anything and everything is saved. Plastic containers, beer bottles, old curtains, cardboard in all forms, egg crates, sticks, stones, chicken wish bones. You name it, I've likely found  a place to hide it away for a later project. So lately my challenge has been to resist the urge to hoard, visit Michael's or JoAnne's, and simply use what I have. This doll came together with only materials I've had on hand.

Her body, head, arms, and legs were cut from old curtains. Hair is made from alpaca and acrylic yarns. Shirt is an old sweater belt. Her belt and shoes are made from an old leather purse strap. Her facial features are a mix of felt, fabric, and thread "drawing." And her skirt is just a fabric remnant. She's completely hand-sewn. 

So crafters/makers/artists! I dare you...use what you have! I certainly surprised myself! Who knew I had all of these materials waiting to be used? Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!!!

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