Saturday, April 16, 2011

Really Simple Creative Paperclay Project - Make Your Own Bookmarks!!!

What You'll Need
Creative Paperclay
Small cup of warm water
Non-stick craft mat
Acrylic Paint
Embroidery Thread
Straight edge-knife or cutter
Rolling pin

What To Do
1.  Break off a clump of paperclay.

2. On your craft mat, roll out a very, very thin layer of paperclay - about a 1/16th of an inch.

3.  Cut out a long rectangle. You can make several book marks at once, so feel free to cut out several rectangles. Actually, feel free to cut out as many shapes as you wish. Why not have unique bookmarks!

4. Remove excess paperclay and place back into airtight bag/container.

5.  With the pencil tip, create a hole in each shape large enough from some embroidery thread.

6. Allow to drive overnight. You may even place a sheet of wax paper over the pieces and place a heavy book on top. Keep in mind that this may crease or wrinkle the clay, so if you want a flat surface, make sure the wax paper is very smooth.

7. Once dry, draw a design of your choosing lightly with the pencil. Draw designs on both sides!

8. Paint the bookmarks to your liking.

9. Once dry, add embroidery thread that compliments your design, three or four strands should do. Make the strands as long as you wish. Tie the strands, braid the strands, twist the strands and voila! You have just made a Creative Paperclay bookmark! 

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  1. Great job! Love the bookmarks!! Really like your blog too!

    Hugs XX